Half Term: Full Benefits

It feels like only yesterday it was the summer term and the Schools, Colleges and Universities were all free to enjoy the heat.

As the Autumn half term returns it got us thinking more and more about those buzz words ‘work life balance’ and the much lusted after ‘work from home’ and how are clients are building the perfect benefits package.

We try hard to not only educate our clients on the best talent for their business but also how to attract them in the first place and then most importantly, keep hold of them.

A service we are particularly excited to launch soon is with regards to employer branding and how your business should be behaving and being perceived during the recruitment process and 24/7 for that matter.

When the interview process is occurring a business is opening it’s doors into the way in which they operate – that’s why the business, the brand and the way you operate must be looking it’s absolute best. What could be a potential new candidate today, could be your customer tomorrow.

Let’s face it – Recruitment as a process can be long winded, so lets get it right each and every time – making sure employees are engaged and rewarded is top priority once they are on board.

We’ve listed some ideas  for employers below on perks our candidates often love that as a business won’t break the bank and will 100% ensure your brand is attracting all the best candidates:

Flexible working

Please don’t shudder at the thought of your employees turning up late or clocking off early, it could be as little as 30 minutes flex at each end of the day – it won’t damage your business but could mean the world to someone if they are able to do their own school run, walk the dog or fit in that morning workout.

Keeping it healthy

A healthy office is a happy office and also therefore a business operating at full staffing levels hopefully. So, providing things like fresh fruit, having water dispensers around the place or a rule that everyone must leave the office for at least 15 minutes to stretch their legs a day makes a recipe for success – keep it simple and look after your businesses’ most vital asset, your people.

Make life easy

Offering things like free parking or contributions to travel make all the difference to candidates and can often be the small difference between them staying put or moving on.

Keep on learning 

Learning and development – regular courses and offering industry relevant training not only sharpens your staff’s knowledge and gives them more gravitas with your clients and customers but also keeps them engaged, switched on and in tune with the industry.

Stay social

It’s all very well celebrating the new recruits when they arrive but maintaining regular social activities and keeping the team happy and working well is crucial to the success of the whole business. These events can be as little as after work drinks on a Friday, breakfast mid-week or pizzas delivered straight to the office – build the internal relationships and people will want to stay forever!

Promote from within

Recognising candidates key skills outside of the work place is so important especially in todays digital world for example. If you’re the Manager do you know what your employees hobbies and interests are outside of work? Have you got a budding social media pro or blogger sat within your team? Utilise their passions and skills and invite them to look after the companies social media for example.

These are just a few examples – we could go on all day but what we wanted to emphasise are the more simple things businesses can do to not only attract the brand new recruits but engage the ones you already have.

If you need advice on employer branding, attracting new talent or staff retention – talk to our Managing Director, Jack Lane – 020 3823 6421 or email: jack@fusedrecruitment.com 

We are Fused – serious about talent.