Fast Track a Career in PR: Move to Austin, Texas

As we almost reach the halfway point in 2018 (scary isn’t it) we’ve been really noticing a shift in the way our talented candidates are thinking about their next job move and career in general.

We’re seeing that more and more candidates broaden their horizons, open up to totally new opportunities and think very laterally about the next challenge.

Last year alone we successfully relocated 8 people from different areas of the US to Austin, Texas – a location and business hub we are growing particularly fond of.

So, why Austin? 

As we all know technology is forever shaping and changing the way we live our lives – whether we like it or not. Austin is a huge technology hub and also a place that is very pro start-up life and an entrepreneurial culture.

We think the fact that we’ve relocated talented individuals from New York City to Austin speaks volumes.

According to Mental Floss, so many tech firms have come to town, Austin is now known as ”Silicon Hills’ – IBM kicked things off in 1967, followed by the likes of Motorola, 3M, Dell and numerous others.

So, with this in mind, whether you work in technology or not – Austin really should be high up on the list of places to not only visit but also consider as your new work home.

PR folk – shall we go to Austin, then? 

We often refer to ourselves as ‘Movers & Shakers’ – we see this in a positive light and our glass is always half full. If you’ve got itchy feet, ideally work within B2B PR or Marketing (we’re open minded to agency or client side) and are ready for something new in a brand new location – why don’t we talk? We know the process, know our clients and are at home matching the right skills and talent to the right businesses.


”Austin is a popular hangout for celebrities like Sandra Bullock, Ryan Gosling and Elijah Wood. Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant has a house there, and apparently likes to haggle cheese prices at the local Whole Foods” – Mental Floss 

The next steps? 

Ready to talk Austin? Fresh starts and a new PR career? Our Founder and dedicated Austin Head Hunter, Jack Lane is on hand to talk (on any time zone, too – with enough coffee).

Get in touch: 

Skype: Jack.Fused

Cell: +44 7512 553266