At Work With: Kylle O’Sullivan, Account Manager at Touchdown PR, Austin, Texas

This month, we hopped across the pond to chat to Kylle O’Sullivan, PR Account Manager at award-winning, international PR Agency – Touchdown PR, to discover what a working day looks like in the technology hub of Austin, Texas.

Tell us how you typically start your working day, checking out current affairs or checking emails? What are your go-to morning work rituals?

I start each morning scrolling through emails with tea and a bowl of yogurt. I’m very predictable on that front. I scroll through emails that may need immediate attention and then scan my to-do list for that day.

We know the technology world is innovating and developing daily, what advice would you give for working in such a fast-paced industry? How do you keep up?

Stay organised, always think through priorities before beginning a project and communicate. Your to-do list for the day will be constantly changing with new priorities and tasks. That said, what once may have been atop your to-do list for the day, can quickly shift to #3 or #4. Knowing what truly is a priority at that moment will allow you to focus on what is important. And communication may seem obvious, but this includes communicating with your team, not only your clients. Communicate with your team on deadlines, tasks and status will keep everyone in the know.


”Embrace the team player mentality”

Having worked in Austin for a number of years now, what are your favourite things about the city?

I would say the people and the Queso! I’m a Massachusetts transplant so the warmer weather is definitely a plus too!

What would be your top tips for someone looking to carve a career within the PR industry be?

Embrace the team player mentality and always be willing to lend a hand and learn along the way.

Who is your most inspirational role model?

This is a hard one, my family and close friends have all played a big role in my success.

What do you enjoy most about your current position at the Touchdown PR Austin office?

The people and our clients. Sounds corny, but it’s true.

Proudest achievement in your Touchdown PR career to date?

I started working at Touchdown PR when it was just beginning its US office with 5 employees and we have grown to nearly 15 people in 2 years! It’s been a wild and exciting ride to be apart of!

Finally, if you weren’t busy working in your current role, what would be your dream job?

Tennis player or doing PR for the New England Patriots.

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