Are You Using Social Media To Market Yourself? 6 Reasons Why You Should Be

A digital strategy for job hunters is today’s finest starting point. Before securing that interview, ensure you’re squeaky clean on social (translation: remove any questionable posts), create a killer portfolio of past work and then get ready to connect and promote your way directly into that dream role.

Reach & Promote

The true, raw and stripped-back beauty of being present on varying social media platforms is its ability to reach more people than you could physically manage daily, in person. Communication has altered more in the last decade than ever. Reach is the key word and you can make this term your new best friend when searching for a new job. 

Engage. Engage. Engage.

Looking for a new sector? Follow the companies you would like to work for. Retweet if you like what they’re saying. Connect with current employees on LinkedIn and join the conversation. Have all of this in hand before a face-to-face meeting, and you’ll be well-versed on the company ethos. Nearly every single brand, agency or company are making things happen on social media right now, and so should you.

Are You Using Social Media To Market Yourself - Option 1

It Doesn’t Cost A Penny

Well, unless you hit up the sponsored button features, but really, there’s no need. It’s completely free advertising for yourself. So shout about your skills, expertise and business background from the digital rooftops. Make the most of everything it has to offer, that includes a professional profile picture, banner, and handle. Don’t forget to add your accounts to your email signature, too.

Hashtag Etiquette

Great for creative freelancers, particularly on Instagram, actively tap into the markets you can add value to by including and selecting specific hashtags that relate to your skill set. #FreelancePhotographer, for example, currently has over 200,000 posts on Instagram, so it’s a positive step to add your location into the mix to attract new clients and employers.

The Visual Medium

How many characters can you cram into a Tweet? After the latest update, 280 to be exact. Add an image to the post and which has the most impact? We are visual creatures and respond well to imagery, so make this an important consideration when communicating.

Show Off

Finally, don’t be shy. If you’ve worked alongside a huge company on a global campaign, tell the world (and don’t forget that aforementioned image).  Maybe you were the top employee last month? Perhaps you’re a PR pro with tons of relationship building experience? No matter what industry you’re in, there’s always room a good dose of self promo.