5 Things Successful People Do Every Day

How do they do it? Have a great career, devise a side hustle, enjoy a jam-packed social life, stay fit and happy? Seems impossible? Let’s go back to basics, focussing on tips and habits we’ve used and observed from the pros. The daily game plan commences now.

Wake Up Earlier

Countless CEOs have been quoted, stating the only way they could ever get through their workload is to rise and shine – at the crack of dawn. Or, earlier, if you’re Howard Schultz, (his CV includes CEO of Starbucks) who reportedly springs out of bed at 4:30am. Now, we know that seems a little extreme, but if you’ve always struggled with the dreaded morning alarm, consider how changing your routine could improve your day.

For instance, getting up half-an-hour earlier each day, could become the thirty minutes that are completely yours. If you’re time poor, imagine having that time to do exactly what you want. Time to exercise? A precious slot to make a healthy breakfast? It’s your morning, so own it and set yourself up for the day.

Make Lists

Clarity suddenly appears when you write things down. Never underestimate the power of a good old pen and notebook to free the mind. By getting everything on paper, you can get on with each task effectively, and more importantly, actually complete them, rather than remembering at 5:30pm in blind panic. Prioritise, get it done, tick it off. So satisfying.

Plan Achievable Goals

It’s wonderful to have impressive and ambitious long-term goals, but how will you achieve them if you don’t start making smaller tracks? Think about how you will get to the end result, envisioning small, stepping stones, leading towards the final prize at the top of the mountain. Breaking it down will make things seems less scary, meaning you’re more likely to begin in the first place.


Stay Positive

Wildly successful people are kind to themselves. You won’t catch them giving their brain an emotional telling-off. Instead, they speak to their own mind, as they would communicate and give advice to a close friend or colleague. Tell yourself you can get through that tough meeting. Have an internal pep talk and see how much better you feel about a tricky day ahead.

Create Balance

It’s not all work, you know. To perform well every day, humans need to have some down-time. Allocate time during the day (remember that extra thirty minutes you now have in the morning?) to something that is completely enjoyable and totally separate from daily work life. The key to feeling energised is to recharge.